Kim Woo-Bin and KARA are now the ambassadors of Korean food

  2012/10/15(Mon) 16:21

Kim Woo-Bin became the ambassador of Korean food with KARA.

He appeared in the episode ‘Mak Geol-Ri’ of advertising of ‘K-FOOD’ with Park Kyu-Ri of KARA.

Kim Woo-Bin showed a concept of ‘Shower 2012’ with Park Kyu-Ri as the first lovers, which will capture eyes of many woman audiences in Korea and overseas.

The advertising was made for promotions of Korean food, and KARA is the main model of the advertising, who is the ambassador of ‘K-FOOD’. Accompanied male cast is Kim Woo-Bin only. Especially, it’s getting attention whether ‘Hot rookie’ Kim Woo-Bin can get attention of fans in Asia since the advertising is going to be broadcasted in the whole Asia including China and Japan.

Meanwhile, Kim Woo-Bin appeared in the drama ‘For Beautiful You’ as photographer ‘John’ who was the first love of Seol-Ri. [Photo=sidusHQ]


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