A ‘2 seconds Moon Chae-Won’ lady in a teaser of Boyfriend…Who?

  2012/11/06(Tue) 15:21

A beautiful girl in a teaser of ‘Janus’ of group Boyfriend who is preparing for the comeback in Korea is getting attention.

Star Ship Entertainment released a teaser of the music video of ‘Janus’, the new song of Boyfriend on YouTube.

In the teaser video, there is a girl who has been getting attention of people while appearing in the video as a heroin. It’s said that she is a trainee of Star Ship Entertainment where SISTAR, K.Will and Boyfriend are in. She is called as ‘2 seconds Moon Chae-Won’ since she is similar to actress Moon Chae-Won with a visual with a pure attraction and a glamorous body.

The music video of ‘Janus’ is expressing the attraction and changed images of the members of Boyfriend with a huge scale of set like an old castle in Europe.

Meanwhile, Boyfriend is preparing for the comeback before the release of the official album on 8th.


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