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Park Eun-ji, Kang Ye-bin, and G.NA confess about their cosmetic surgery

 SHARE       2013/02/07(Thu) 13:04
Entertainers Park Eun-ji, Kang Ye-bin, and singer G.NA confessed the truth about their cosmetic surgery. The three appeared in the February 6th broadcast of MBC 'Radio Star' and they admitted the truth about their cosmetic surgery when asked by the emcees. Park Eun-ji confessed that she underwent double-eyelid surgery because her eyelashes poked her eye. As a result, her vision began to atrophy so she had her double-eyelid job done by the ophthalmologist.

Kang Ye-bin also said, "I also had my double-eyelid surgery in the ophthalmology. But my eye bags are natural, and I want to say this to clear out lot of misunderstandings," "I used to hate my eye bag when I was little, because it was like larvae put inside." Kang Ye-bin added, "I also injected filler in my nose." Meanwhile, G.NA expressed her resentment regarding rumors of her breast surgery. She said, "When I type my name in search engines, it's always associated with 'G.NA breast surgery' and I feel dejected when seeing such thing. Even my family members such as grandmother and auntie were glamorous." [Picture=MBC]

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