Sam Hammington, confessed married man " registered marriage with Korean girlfriend"

  2013/05/11(Sat) 11:39

Sam Hammington confessed that he registered marriage with Korean girl friend.
Sam Hammington appeared MBC Entertainment program 'Golden Fishery - The Knee-Drop Guru' aired on 9th, and surprisingly confessed that he registered marriage and he is living with Korean girl friend now. This day he talked about that he said through SNS on April, 'Now I can tell you. I have a girlfriend and I am living with her.' Sam Hammington said about the truth that he became a married man, "My mother thinks possitively about living together before marriage, because we can see each other's fault before. However girl friend's stand was different. Her family told 'If you living with her you should register marriage', so we registered marriage and living together. Legally I am a married man. In succession he laughed "My mother doesn't know the fact that I registered marriage. I think that she is fine because we don't hold a wedding yet" and "I hope that my mother isn't watching now."
MC said that he should talk to his mother, Sam Hammington made people smile saying "Mon, congratulation for having a daughter in law. We didn't hold a wedding ceremony yet, but we will do it soon. Aren't you angry, are you? Please don't kill me."
Sam Hammington also said about his wife's charm, "At first I was attracted by her good figure but it became so fun to be with her. She wasn't that strong at the first time but she gets stronger." [Photo=MBC]


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