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Gu Ja-Chul in FC Augsburg married.. ‘TVXQ’ Choikang Changmin sings for a wedding

 SHARE       2013/06/20(Thu) 14:02
A soccer player opened a wedding invitation before the marriage. The wedding invitation is made by material which reminds hanbok. The officiator is Jung Hae-Sung the chairperson of game management strategy in the Korea Football Association. The master of ceremonies at a wedding is an entertainer Kim Soo-Ro, and GROSS ensemble team and Choikang Changmin sings each songs for a wedding. Especially Choikang Changmin who sings at a wedding for the first time in life, makes people wonder about how could he took charge of singing. An officer noticed that “Lately Gu Ja-Chul be friend with Choikang Changmin appearing KBS 2TV ‘My Hometown Entertainment’. Choikang Changmin promised to sing for the wedding.” Gu Ja-Chul will hold the wedding ceremony at Sheraton Grand Walkerhill Hotel located in Gwangjangdong, Seoul, on 22nd with closed doors.

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