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Song Chang-Eui – Lisa couple “broke up on last May because of different personalities”

 SHARE       2013/07/31(Wed) 00:40
Song Chang-Eui – Lisa couple “broke up on last May because of different personalities”
The actor Song Chang-Eui and the singer Lisa broke up in three years.

The staff from Song Chang-Eui and Lisa’s management company said “Song Chang-Eui and Lisa broke up on last May”, admitting the break-up. This staff stated “these two got along well as they did musical together, but because of difference in personalities, they had fight, which led to break-up, as far as I know. Since both of them have quiet nature, even the management company became aware of the break-up only recently.”

These two are now also in the same company in WS Entertainment. This staff said “these two broke up, but they will stay as good colleagues, cheering for each other.”

Song Chang-Eui and Lisa became couple as they made appearances together on the musical ‘Guanghwa-mun Yeon ga’ on the beginning of 2011, and officially admitted that they were in relationship on June of that year. They also made appearances together on the musical ‘Joseph Amazing’, which was closed on last April.

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