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'Good Doctor' Ju Sang-Ook, shows eight sets of his infinite attractiveness 'Isn't there a man like this'

 SHARE       2013/08/25(Sun) 19:00
'Good Doctor' Ju Sang-Ook, shows eight sets of his infinite attractiveness 'Isn't there a man like this'
Ju Sang-Ook displayed 'Kim Do-Han eight set' of infinite attractiveness. Ju Sang-Ook is playing the role of Kim Do-Han, a tough, challenging, yet best doctor in pediatric surgery department with the best abilities, in the Mon-Tue drama 'Good Doctor' of KBS 2TV, captivating the viewers.

Ju Sang-Ook is performing Kim Do-Han, the unique, attractive character that couldn't be seen in any other medical drama before, with his experienced acting. The emotional performance even more realistic than that of real doctor, ranging from the explosive charisma as the best surgeon in the operating room to the cool-headedness and strictness, expressed by sharp eye contact, is evaluated to be making viewers' concentration 200% higher. Behind the rationality that seems unable to bend, there is also completely opposite attractiveness. To the respectable hospitable director Choi Woo-Seok (played by Cheon Ho-Jin), he shows loyalty and justice, but he also gives sharp, powerful comment on his seniors who behave cowardly, making the viewers feel the sense of victory.

The developed romantic performance is also captivating the viewers. To Cha Yoon-Suh (played by Moon Chae-Won), whom he has peculiar feelings for, he behaves as if he is indifferent, yet shows sincere interest and affection. He secretly handed perfume, telling her to get rid of the alcohol odor, and told her about his brother's death for the first time, his eyes going red, making the female hearts beat excitedly. [사진=로고스필름]

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