‘We Got Married’ Jung Joon-Young opened his house, smell of alcohol? Mold?

  2013/09/22(Sun) 20:13

On September 21st, the house of Jung Joon-Young was opened for the first time, at MBC ‘We Got Married’. It was opened by sudden visit of his partner, Jung Yoo-Mi. IT was bright unlike a house of man. Jung Yoo-Mi said about the first impression, “It was more fresh than I thought. Also it was clean.” However contrary to the clean living room, kitchen was messy. In the refrigerator there was rotten food, but full of alcohol madkie Jung Yoo-Mi satisfied. The room for game allows him to concentrate in game. Jung Joon-Young misunderstood, “I have pride about my game room. My wife saw it in a friendly eyes.” However Jung Yoo-Mi confessed her mind, “It smells bad. That kind of room definitely goes moldy. Wallpaper was coming off… It was what I expected.” [Photo=MBC ‘We Got Married’]


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