‘A Man of a princess’ moved up to finals in Banff TV Festival.

  2012/04/10(Tue) 12:39

KBS Miniseries ‘A Man of a princess’ moved up to the finals in Drama & Telenovela Section of Banff Awards 2012.

Banff TV Festival is the major media festival held in Banff, Canada which gives awards, seminars and workshops to all the TV programs in any genre.
‘A Man of a princess’ which moved up to the final is a traditional drama based on the historical fiction from the point of view of their second generations. The drama deals with the great love in the process of loving each other while overcoming difficulties and forgiving enemies.

KBS ‘Baker King Kim Tak Goo’ moved to the final in the same section in 2011, ‘Jungle Fish’ in Youth Section, ‘Consumer’s Prosecution’ in documentary section and ‘KBS Special - Ceramics’ in documentary section in 2005, but none of them won the award.
Photo = KBS


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