'Innoncent Man' Mun Chae-Won "I sincerely loved Eun-Gi"

  2012/11/17(Sat) 20:07

Mun Chae-Won of 'Innocent Man' conveyed her feelings that she sincerely loved Eun-Gi while filming.
Mun Chae-Won, who starred in a KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Innocent Man,' which finished on the 15th, talked about her impressions of having finished the drama. Mun Chae-Won's acting was highly praised with the character of Seo Eun-Gi, who experienced various emotions and ultimate changes. Mun Chae-Won conveyed, "'Innocent Man' was a work piece I selected without hesitation after knowing about Seo Eun-Gi. I tried to be Seo Eun-Gi for the past five months since I sincerely loved Eun-Gi, and I believe I did. I could smile even when speding the night due to the support and love of so many people. Thank you so much. 'Innocent Man' was a happy and enjoyable work to me. Playing two characters in one drama was very interesting. Also, the character of Seo Eun-Gi was something not easily able to be seen in previous mellow dramas. I felt a desire to make a try. I really wished I could convey the character's wound, pain and love. By reading a lot of supporting writings, I'm glad I conveyed them well and thank you all so deeply."


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