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‘I Miss You’ Park Yu-Cheon, concentrating on reading a scenario in a waiting room

 SHARE       2012/12/11(Tue) 14:54
On the official Facebook of JYJ in the morning on 11th, a photograph of Park Yu-Cheon concentrating on reading a scenario of ‘I Miss You’ was released.

At the last scene of the 10th episode of ‘I Miss You’, Han Jeong-Woo(Park Yu-Cheon’s role) was passed out by an attack with a stun gun at a house of a janitor of a police office(Kim Mi-Kyeong’s role) who is suspected as a murderer of Kang Sang-Deuk. The audiences of the drama worried about Han Jeong-Woo’s safety. In that situation, the released photo of Park Yu-Cheon made the audiences calm.

An official of the drama said that, “Please expect for the next stories that how he will catch the killer and how the accident will affect the murder case of Kang Sang-Deuk and relationship with Su-Yeon. It seems he posted the photo that he is okay since there are lots of voices of worrying about Han Jeong-Woo.”

Meanwhile, in a trailer on 10th, Han Jeong-Woo poked women audiences’ hearts as showing his unchangeable love for Lee Su-Yeon(Yun Eun-Hye’s role) while saying that, “I’m going to stay near her for the rest of my life until people forgive. By waiting and waiting…”. It’s getting attention whether Han Jeong-Woo’s sincerity can touch Lee Su-Yeon’s heart. [Photo=The official Facebook of JYJ]

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