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‘I Miss You’, its own highest audience rating again…#1 among Wed-Thu dramas

 SHARE       2012/12/13(Thu) 11:30
‘I Miss You’ of MBC recorded its own highest audience rating again while becoming #1 among Wed-Thu dramas again.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, ‘I Miss You’ on 12th recorded 11.7% of national audience rating. It’s 0.2% higher than its previous episode’s on 6th.

On 12th, there was a scene that a janitor of a police office(Kim Mi-Kyeong’s role) got arrested after killing a rapist of her daughter. Also, it gained tension while Harry(Yu Seung-Ho’s role) plans a revenge for Han Jeong-Woo(Park Yu-Cheon’s role) and Han Tae-Jun(Han Jin-Hee’s role).

Meanwhile, ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ of KBS2 recorded 11.0%, which is higher than its previous episode’s audience rating, but less than the audience rating of ‘I Miss You’. ‘Dae Pung Su’ of SBS recorded 8.0%.

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