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Park Yoo-Cheon, absorbed in his script… that’s why he is good at acting

 SHARE       2012/12/19(Wed) 20:05
Park Yoo-Cheon of MBC Wednesday-Thursday ‘Miss You’ is absorbed in script.
In a still cut ‘Miss You’ released, Park Yoo-Cheon is concentrating on his script looking just like Han Jeong-Woo, his character in the drama.
In another picture, he is practicing his script and acting as well.
Production crew of ‘Miss You’ said, “Park Yoo-Cheon is the mood maker of studio with his bright smile. When he starts acting with ‘Q’ sign, he shows amazing concentration into acting, being completely absorbed in his character. Park Yoo-Cheon’s acting maximizes the color of Han Jeong-Woo, being the center of drama. Look forward to his further work.” [Photo=MBC]

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