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Actor Jo Hyun-Jae will be joining new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama

 SHARE       2013/01/14(Mon) 19:56
Actor Jo Hyun-Jae will be joining new KBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'Advertisement whiz, Lee Tae-Baek.' 'Advertisement whiz, Lee Tae-Baek' will be a reality drama about advertisers living hectic days to make an advertisement that would attract people. Jo Hyun-Jae, who has been catching many women's heart with mellow acting in SBS '49 days,' KBS 'Three Fathers One Mother' and MBC 'Love Letter,' will be showing off his fierce charisma in this drama.
Jo Hyun-Jae will be acting the role of Addy Kang, team leader of AE part at Keum-San Ad, which is an advertisement agency. He is an elite who received several medals at global advertisement contest exhibits, he is a magnificent strategist who can manage himself to win even in wars with drawbacks, and he is the 'wizard of PT' who can bring life to dead proposals.
Jo Hyun-Jae will be in continuous conflicts with Jin-Gu, who lived a completely different life from his own ever since they were born. The production company of the drama conveyed, "We are highly expecting Jo Hyun-Jae to well act out the character of Addy Kang. With him in the drama, strong line-up was established. The competition between Jo Hyun-Jae and Jin-Gu will also be more interesting."
Meanwhile, with the perfect line-up of Jin-Gu&Jo Hyun-Jae&Park Ha-Sun&Han Cha-Young&Go Chang-Suk&Han Sun-Hwa, KBS new Monday&Tuesday drama 'Advertisement Whiz, Lee Tae-Baek' is making people's expectations higher. The first episode will be aired on February 4th.

Name : Ghazal(Tala) Date : 2013-11-28 11:47:28 [Modify] [Delete]
My honey johyunjae,your serials and films are prettiest serials and films in the world and I love all of them.sarani hyunjaya.

Name : Ghazal(Tala) Date : 2013-11-26 12:46:00 [Modify] [Delete]
I am Ghazal(Tala),I'm an Iranian girl and I am only real super lover Johyunjae that is prettiest human in the world and the best actor in the world,in the world for ever.

Name : Abe Date : 2013-11-04 02:10:13 [Modify] [Delete]

Name : Ghazal(Tala) Date : 2013-11-01 12:14:19 [Modify] [Delete]
Hi,pretty johyunjae,you are a very very excellent singer and I love you crazily.

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