Park Su Jin (박수진)

  2013/05/20(Mon) 09:13

Birthdate: 1985 November 27th
Height: 164cm Weight: 45kg
Management company: MM Entertainment
Scholarly attainments: Kyung Hee University postmodern music department
Debut: 2002 Sugar First album

2013 KBS2 'Knife and Flower', OLIVE 'Tasty Road' tvN 'The Hot Guy in next door'
2012 KBS2 'My Husband Got a Family’
2011 Channel A 'The Vegetable Store run by the man'
2010 MBC 'My Girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox'
2009 SBS ' I love you ten million times' MBC 'Queen Sun Duk' KBS2 'Man more than flower' 2008 OCN 'The Skill of Seduction'
2007 MBC every1'The devil who is opening wine' SBS 'Knife holder Oh-Su Jung'

2013 'Rock paper scissor full of love'
2012 'Trees' , 'Superstar'

Park Su Jin is developing herself; she debuted as the member of the girl group 'Sugar', transformed as an actress and took a challenge of getting the role of emcee.

Park Su Jin, who debuted during third year of middle school, was an exemplary student who had never thought of the entertaining world. An ordinary student, Park Su Jin learned dancing as hobby after her friend, and participated the dance contest in replacement of her friend and was attentively seen by the worker of the management company, which led to her debut. The various members with originality, Hwang Jung Eum, Han Ye Won, Ayumi, including Park Su Jin gathered around in the name of Sugar, and Park Su Jin grabbed lots of attention with pure image of hers and received lots of admiration from male fans till Sugar broke up in 2006.

For she had beautiful, small, white face, she could still be in the center of attention even after the breaking up of 'Sugar', and she soon positioned herself as an actress. She had numerous male fans as a singer, but it wasn't easy for her to take a challenge of being an actress. She went through ordeal because of the negative view of idol singer debuting as actor and criticism of her acting ability, and she also suffered from the malicious comments because of the antagonist characters that she had played. Park Su Jin debuted when she was a teenager and stayed in entertaining world for a long time, but it was hard for her to endure, and she could have given up, but she quietly continued acting.

During the time when she played minor and supporting role, in 2008. in the drama 'Queen Sun Duk', she played the young lady Maya, the mother of Queen Sun Duk, giving impression as an actress to viewers little by little. Although she made appearances only in first two episodes and even this amount of appearance resulted in criticism of her acting ability, it was seen with positive view because it caused many people to have interest. After this, She appeared in drama' Man more than flower' and 'My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox', discarding the title of 'the one used to be Sugar member'. Although such title could follow her endlessly, she succeeded in establishing the popularity as an actress enough to make people not to think of the word 'Sugar' for the first time when they saw her.

In the weekend drama of KBS2 'My Husband Got a Family’, she played the female doctor who has crush on Yoo Jun Sang, who was identified as 'the husband of all citizens', and in tvN Mon-Tue drama 'The Hot Guy in next door', she played the role of malicious woman Cha Do Hee who madly falls in unrequited love with Kim Ji Hun, who only loves another woman, showing stable performance. She also widened her spectrum to movies and played role not only in romance movies but also in horror movies, accumulating various acting experience. In addition, she is taking activities as an emcee in the 4th season of Olive Tasty Road, challenging on the beauty program with deep interest toward fashion and beauty, thus implementing the ambitious plans.


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