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Jin Yi-Han, Beckham of Korea .. ‘King’s Sun’

 SHARE       2013/08/04(Sun) 14:43
Talent Jin Yi-Han (35) is making a special appearance on SBS TV’s new Wednesday Thursday drama ‘King’s Sun’.
In the first episode of ‘King’s Sun’, he is going to make an appearance as the best soccer player and groom-to-be of top star Tae Yi-Ryeong (Kim Yu-Ri). Yoo Hye-Seong is a soccer player who’s heating up Korea with outstanding appearance and skill. Before the marriage with Tae Yi-Ryeong, he is getting attention as the Korean version of ‘Beckham and Victoria’ couple.
Jin Yi-Han said, “I’m honored to experience ‘Romantic Comedy Horror’ through ‘King’s Sun’. It was short, but enjoyable experience.”
Meanwhile, ‘King’s Sun’ is a story about Joo Jong-Won (played by So Ji-Seop), who is arrogant, and Tae Gong-Sil (played by Gong Hyo-Jin), who can see ghosts but cries a lot. It is written by Hong Jeong-Eun (39) and Hong Mi-Ran (36), who wrote ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox’ and ‘The Best Romance’, and directed by PD Jin Hyeok, who directed ‘Shining Legacy’, ‘Prosecutor Princess’ and ‘City Hunter’.

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