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'Talent Donation' Han Ji-Min "I hope the disabled would watch the movie with us"

 SHARE       2012/11/17(Sat) 19:15
Actor Han Ji-Min talked about why she narrated the barrier free version of the movie 'Ending Note.'
Han Ji-Min, who participated at the press conference for the movie 'Ending Note,' said, "To be honest, I didn't know much about Barrier Free movies before I participated in this project. I wanted to let at least some people know about this by participating." Barrier Free version movie offers commentary and narration for the blind and deaf. Han Ji-Min participated as a narrator through Talent Donation. She conveyed, "I realized movies, which are easily seen and enjoyed, can be delivered by words to some people. No many people known about the barrier free movie so they don't watch it, but I hope it is widely known so that many blind people can also enjoy movies. I made up my mind to participated in such good opportunity even though I lack a lot. I cried and also laughed a lot watching the movie."
'Ending Note' is a documentary about a father who starts his 2nd life after regular retirement but gets judged with the last stage of stomach cancer. Father, who calmly prepares his death rather than being disappointed, gets ready to say goodbye to his family writing things he wants and needs to do on a note.
Han Ji-Min added, "Everyone faces life and death. I wondered how many could prepare one's death so peacefully like this main character. Before, I'd be just sad to see someone die but the movie really made me think a lot about life. I even thought one could made a plan for one's life once again with this movie."
'Ending Note' was produced by Koreda Hirokaz of 'I Wish' and 'No one knows,' and was directed by Mami Snada. It will be released on the 29th.

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