‘Temperature of Love’, hot from the first week… ranks top on Box Office

  2013/03/25(Mon) 00:52

Movie ‘Temperature of Love’ is ranking top on Box Office from the premiere. According to movie ticket collective network on March 24, movie ‘Temperature of Love’ ranked top on Box Office for 3 days since it premiered. The number of accumulated audiences is 446, 448.
Its record draws attention as mellow movie ‘Architecture 101’ and ‘My Wife’s Everything’, which made hit last year, had similar record as ‘Temperature of Love’. Also, ‘Temperature of Love’ is making a hit even though it is R-rated movie.
‘Temperature of Love’ is a movie that shows the love emotion getting even hotter after breaking up. The movie is directed by director No Deok and Kim Min-Hee and Lee Min-Gi took the leading roles.


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