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Triple crowns Beast “Glory with JYJ’s Joon-Soo…”

 SHARE       2012/12/15(Sat) 22:46
Beast was selected as the most popular singer of the year at ‘2012 Melon Music Award’.
At ‘2012 Melon Music Award’, which was held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium on December 14, Beast received three awards including, Melon Music Award TOP 10, Artist of the Year Award and Netizen Popularity Award.
This day, Beast went up to the dais, dancing, when they were called for the Netizen Popularity Award. Leader Yoon Doo-Joon said, “I want to mention who we couldn’t mention before because we were so busy. Parents of 6 of us came. We want to thank them and Love You. We know that we’ve been competing with Joon-Soo. We are honored. And Happy birthday Joon-Soo, as tomorrow is your birthday. Last but not least, we love Beauty.”
Nominees of Netizen Popularity Award were Beast, XIA, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation-TTS, IU, Shinhwa, KARA and G-Dragon and they had a fierce competition. Finally, the award went to Beast.

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