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Kim Jun-Su, hot attention for his Christmas gift for his fans…’Thank You For’

 SHARE       2012/12/24(Mon) 15:14
Kim Jun-Su’s surprising song, ‘Thank You For’ is getting hot attention.

After ‘Thank You For’ was released on 24th, it became #1 on various real-time music charts. Also, it was ranked at the top lists of searching words of websites and music sites.

The song ‘Thank You For’ was composed by producer Shikata and written by Jun-Su’s brother, Juno. Sweet lyrics of young love of a couple are noticed in the song.

C-Jes Entertainment said that, “It’s said that Kim Jun-Su sang the song like telling a story to his fans who has loved him for a year while he was having the world tour concert. We hope the fans may have special memories in this winter with this song.”

Kim Jun-Su also said that, “I hope the song is a warm gift for you in this winter. I wish you have a smiling Christmas.”

Meanwhile, Kim Jun-Su is going to have ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Muical Concert with Orchestra’ at COEX from 29th to 31st. [Photo=C-Jes Entertainment]

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