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Super Junior, 20,000 enthusiastic audiences in Thailand

 SHARE       2013/08/05(Mon) 18:39
Super Junior held the global concert ‘Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 In Bangkok’ at Impact Arena in Bangkok, Thailand, on 3rd and 4th. The concert ‘Super Show’ recorded one hundred million audiences. They showed the popularity called ‘Gwanggaetodaewang in Korean wave’, drawing the most audiences in Thailand as a Korean group, by holding solo concerts at every tours since 2009. This day 20,000 audiences who gathered to see Super Junior, were attracted by Super Junior’s strong stage and various charms, and Super Junior replied to fans by splendid stages. Super Junior made fan enthusiastic by various stages for 26 songs, including ‘Sorry Sorry’, ‘Miinah’, ‘Mr.Simple’, album tracks, unit stages, and make up show. Henry who debuted as a solo lately, opened the stage of ‘Trap’ for the first time in Thailand, with Gyuhyun. Thai fans moved members by surprising event such as a slogan with the mention ‘Thank you Gangin’, for who visited Thailand after a long time. Famous celebrity such as Sorayut the MC of public in Thailand, visited the concert hall. Meanwhile Super Junior will keep ‘Super Show 5’ at Taipei Arena in Taiwan from 10th to 12th.

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