Lee Sang Yeob(이상엽)

  2013/04/19(Fri) 15:35

Birthdate: 1983 May 8th
Height and weight: 182cm, 67kg/ Blood type:B
Management company: Sidus HQ
Debut: 2007 KBS Drama 'Happy Woman'

2013 SBS 'Jang Ok Jung, living by love'
2012 KBS 'The World's nicest Guy', TV Tokyo 'Loving maison ~ Rainbow Rose~'
2011 JTBC 'Living in ChungDam-dong', MBC 'Miss Ripley', SBS 'Midas'
2009 KBS 'Her Style'
2008 OCN 'The Skill of Temptation', MBC 'The Elephant', KBS2 'King Se Jong'
2007 KBS 'Happy Woman'

2013 'The Nutcracker 3D' (Voice), 'Cold'
2011 'Penny and Penny laid up will be Romance'
2008 'In a Relationship for 6 years'
2008 'The Man who used to be Superman'

Lee Sang Yeob laid his foot in the entertainment world by getting enrolled in Sidus HQ as a trainee in 2006. He spent his days as trainee with Song Jung Ki and others, and debuted through the drama 'Happy Woman' in 2007. After that, he began to accumulate experience as an actor, appearing in several dramas and movies. Then in 2009, he suddenly enlisted in army. During the enlistment, he watched TV in which his colleagues showed up, and unceasingly reminded himself that "I should rise as they do after discharge.'

Lee Sang Yeob became discharged from the army in 2011 January and restlessly participated in SBS 'Midas', MBC 'Miss Ripley', JTBC daily sitcom 'Living in Chungdam-dong', movie 'Penny and Penny laid up will be Romance'. And in 2012, he gave the public the strong impression as an actor through 'The World's Nicest Guy'. He began to soar eventually. after long run-up.

Lee Sang Yeob played a role of the elite lawyer Park Jun Ha in the drama 'The World's Nicest Guy', starring Song Jung Ki and Moon Chae Won. He not only showed his smart aspect but also showed his love for Moon Chae Won. This helped him gain popularity, and he even got a nickname 'loving lawyer Park'. His one-sided love will be continued in his next drama 'Jang Ok Jung'. Lee Sang Yeob is playing a role of prince 'Dong Pyung' in drama 'Jang Ok Jung', showing his passion for Jang Ok Jung (played by Kim Tae Hee). The character of Prince 'Dong Pyung', which will be played by Lee Sang Yeob is getting high expectation.


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